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My name is Raivis Saldābols.

When I started to study Computer Science back in 2003 I found very interesting programming and all related stuff. After a while this interest in me disappear as I didn’t manage to keep focused on same problem. In 2004 summer I decided to find a job related to my studies and I get lucky to find one not as a programmer but more like it-emulator (guy that handles it-stuff) so I had chance to sniff around and find area which I like more. So In 2005 I decided to concentrate on Oracle products. After a while I understand that I like this stuff but I started  feel that scope limited.

In 2006 I joined new company called IT Alise, now it’s Tieto Latvia, changed a scope to Oracle e-Business Suite (at the moment when I was applying for job I didn’t know what a nut is eBS) and started to work with such a great guys like Māris Elsiņs,Yury Velikanovs which never hide they knowledge and guided me to senior DBA (now both are OCM). Soon I got my first projects, clients, first success stories and failures. In parallel to working duties I always try to learn something to myself and approve these knowledge so I passed Oracle 9i/10g/11g/r12 OCP exams, got Master of Computer science and participate trainings and conferences.

2012 I had great possibility to join Pythian and I took a shoot. So starting now if new posts will come, it will be covered here as duplicate post – original here .

So now I can tell that I have 7 years into Oracle and now I feel that time to time I find nice solutions and experience that is worth to share. I’ll try to concentrate on my personal experience in Oracle products and thoughts around it.

If You found any article interesting please leave a feedback and feel free to contact me :)

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