R12 application server IP change side-effects

Few weeks ago there was issue when without DBA agreement system administrators changed eBS r12 application server IP address.  Regarding http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B32110_01/core.1013/b32196/host.htm#sthref405 this can be done and no any actions should be taken after, task is supported, everything should work after change. But it didn’t.

Concurrent requests was not executing normally, 90% of them was just pending for manager with status no manager. No explanation why these approximately 10% where executing there where no common pattern. Some requests from one responsibility was executing then stopped to execute then another responsibility started to act. And strangest thing was that concurrent managers where up and running, not a single error in their log files. So I started from basic and can list things what didn’t work:

  • autoconfig
  • fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean and cmclean
  • fnd executable relink
  • trying to disable enable fnd_concurrent_queues

Only thing what saved the situation was RapidClone after that concurrent processing went back to normal. So if You face situation when IP is changed for R12 application tier server I would suggest run RapidClone.

Cause I had to fix problem ASAP I didn’t found the root cause of this strange behavior but for me question  is still open what does RapidClone which is not listed on list above that solved the problem?

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